The Dark Moon

Embracing the phases. [journal entry 0]


We’ve come to the New Moon, or the Dark Moon as its called by those who like a darker mystique. This past Empty Moon we had the Moon empty completely in Heishuku, the beginning of Uoza.

This past New Moon moved into Heishuku「壁宿」which is Utarra Badapadra in Vedic and formally Pi in Chinese. This lodge is located in Genbu,玄武, Northern Sector which will align with the Twin Fish Palace,『魚座」.

I’ll go into details after I get the moon fundamentals out the way.

Moon Fundamentals

What can one expect with the filling of an empty moon? Well its wise to wait for a moment before doing anything. The moon at this point is malefic and spirits are much more active during the darkness of the moon. Spirits can be seen in many aspects, it’s all dependent on ones alignment. Spirits for me can be thought forms, patterns that posses us or more mystically, unseen conscious energies. We’re often sensitive to other forms of communication and contact with the Invisible can alter our consciousness. Whether that’s believed to be placebo or other, I find it necessary to see how the Invisible interacts in your perspective.

Emptiness beget emptiness.

Being still during the phase of darkness is wise to gain a sense of your surroundings and know what to sense for. Being still is helpful to notice how you feel in this darkness. How do you breathe? Where are you in this darkness? Are you feeling okay? Are you feeling confident? What strength do you require to maintain the objective? Where is the Light?

Empty Moons, as I call them, are meant to be respected for their still nature. I recognize that I’m embodying the receptive nature and contacting higher spirits within my awareness. This attunement to emptiness is meant to align you with the coming waves of light over the next 15 days which will work you towards the fullness of the moon.

Filling to Fulfilment

While the moon in a darker period is considered malefic, the spreading of the light or the sacred milk converts it into a benefic quality. Here instead of worrying and halting ones actions, we see a more proactive energy to seed, grow and blossom into the full moon. A full moon fulfills the Empty Moons desire at unionized wholeness. All that we promised, strived to do comes closer to being Fulfilled, but as the 64th Hexagram reveals, nothing is complete even when we finish. The effects of it’s creation is the next phase that’ll produce change.

During the Empty Moon, as it fills, I notice how motivated I am and depending on where the Empty Moon resides will indicate the energy effecting my cycle. There is an overall mood for the moon phase, as it changes every two days. In truth, since the moon is changing forms and signs rather quickly, you can believe in any system of transformation, it just needs to be make sense.

The Analysis

Heishuku is one of the 27(8) mansions amongst the zodiac. It’s power corresponds with a few different things.

Depending on the culture and tradition they may differ, but I’m finding a commonality between the Vedic and Chinese side within this Japanese concoction. Heishuku is apart of the previous Shuku which is Shishuku, located in Aquarius.

Heishuku is ruled by Dosei (Saturn) while the previous is ruled by Jupiter. Here we can see the differing energies playing in the mansions. With Heishuku on an Empty Moon we might begin to see our past deeds and our karma finally expressing the outcomes we foresaw or desired. All things that led up to this moment now are going to reveal themselves in your life, especially in regards to your luck.

Saturns involvement with this sign and also it’s current placement and connection with other planets has made this a HARD transit for anyone dealing with personal identity or direction for career.

Now that’s easing up. The moon has moved past this and is now able to see the direction clearer, especially as the Light emerges with the filling moon. Have you been sticking to your character? Is it creating the life that you desire or is a repeat of the complaints you make? So for this particular phase, as we’re already approaching the Full Moon, it might be time to say yes to the dress. You’ve seen who you need to be and it’s time for you to become it. All those skills you’ve hidden are now able to be utilized. Free yourself into your passion, not from it.


So this past New Moon also is the first month in the Hindi Calendar. I don’t know much about Chaitra outside of the commencing of Spring, and here in Minnesota, it certainly feels like the warmth is returning. While Chaitra has it’s own festivals and is culturally tied, I find it synchronistic for myself that this beginning of the Month corresponds with such a shuku.

I also would like to observe this day/event since my system is derived from Vedic astrology. Understanding the movements and the history always helps me grow in my practice and cultivation. Purpose is important in everything and the intention surrounding it gives it the meaning to hold the power.

I’m sorry this entry isn’t well put together but I’ll find a proper format for next post. And actually find the time to invest completely. I figured, why not just post this and feel good that you did.

Words used today:

新月:New Moon

壁宿:The Wall

魚宿:Water Bearer Palace (Aquarius)



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